Writing Services

FrogWrite Creations is a small, privately owned, business specialising in writing and web services for small organisations operating within a limited e-commerce and promotional budget. We utilise years of small business experience to ensure that we maximise impact within your target market and budget.

FrogWrite Creations writes for all occasions. If you know what you want to get across we can write it for you, whether it be website copy, a tender document, a sales proposal, technical writing, corporate newsletter, or advertisement. The written word is our business. In addition to being internationally published (12 books) we are also have extensive experience in writting website copy and 37 issues of the Email/Internet/Computer Column published in the Wellington CCS magazine Chatterbox which is now archived on the net.

We are also experienced editors able to refine your written work ensuring correct grammar, syntax and appropriate word usage for your market.

We can provide digital copy in Microsoft Word format, rich text format, or Linux, Open Office format. We use Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw Suite, Bryce and Gimp to produce our graphics and layout. We can use your graphics, scan your photographs, if you do not have digital copy, or build images to suit.

If you would like further information or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact FrogWrite Creations.

This domain name is not used by FrogWrite Creations for email. If you receive any email any address@frogwrite.co.nz purporting to be from FrogWrite Creations it is NOT from FrogWrite Creations.